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Help, health advice needed!

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I have two male rats, Milo and Asher, they're both alittle over a year old, and they've never had any health issues in the past.
Recently one of them attacked the other, it wasn't serious and I was able to heal them on my own. But I separated them into different cages so that it wouldn't happen again and ever since they've had all sorts of problems; they've been lethargic, they holding their bodies really low to the ground, Asher has been throwing up, and I think Milo has too but I don't know for sure. And now they've got little scabs all over them that I think may have something to do with lice

I know that the best thing to do is to take them in to see the vet, but I can't afford to at the moment so I was wondering if anyone has -any- kind of advice that I could use in the meantime. Especially about the vomiting, that really scares me.
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How are your boys now? Have anything changed or have they seen a vet yet?
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