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my rat Roddy seems to be slightly sick
Hes sneezing every once in a while, and red mucus is showing up on his nose, his eyes look slightly red but i cannot confirm.
Hes been a lot calmer today and when i held him he just kind if sat in my lap and let me pet him. I can only take him to the vet if absolutely necessary as transport and money may be a problem.
As well as not moving he also chattered his teeth more than usual (im not to worried about that though) and starting hiccuping? Im not sure what to call it.
Should i take him to the vet? View attachment 306696
I think your rat is just fine. I had some of the same concerns with my rat, and the red mucus, to my knowledge, is just to help groom. I was worried about that when my rats first started doing that. And my rats also occasionally do those hiccups you mentioned. I have been worried about them, but they usually do those hiccups when they’re in a new place and they’re getting use to the smell. And I don’t think to need to worry about his sneezing or his eyes either. His eyes can also produce that mucus, but I can’t be sure if that’s why his eyes seem a little red. My oldest rat, nicodemus, he’s a really sneezy boy. I was worried about for a while, but I posted about it here on rat forum, and someone said that rats can just be sneezy. I would give your rat a few days to see if he’s getting a little more off. If he’s getting a little more off, maybe take him to the vet if you’re really worried about him. (Sorry for basically writing a book)
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