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Which cage should Merry give birth in?

  • stay in her regular cage

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  • move her to the tank with mesh lid

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  • other (buy new cage?)

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Merry and Pippin ♀️
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Merry was misidentified as a male at the pet store and was kept with males. At first I hoped maybe they were too young to breed, but after reading more info on rat reproduction I have concluded that she is most likely preggers. I've only had her for a few days, but I've noticed a lot of changes in that time. She's gotten noticeably fatter, her nips are showing, and hasn't been as eager to be held and played with as she was in the first couple of days. (Though she still wants to be petted and will tolerate being held.)

One big concern I have is that a couple days ago (before we knew she was pregnant) she fell off of my shoulder and hit the ground hard enough I could hear a thud. It scared the heck out of me, but she seemed not to be bothered by it, except that she now climbs more cautiously instead of running quickly from arm to arm like she was before. But I'm worried that fall might have injured her babies, if they are indeed in there. What are some signs I need to look out for? If there is any injury to the unborn pups, how should that be treated?

Another question: I've seen some conflicting information about what type of cage a rat should give birth in. Some say to make sure they're in a regular wire cage so the babies can have fresh air, but I've also read that they should be put in a tank so they can't get stuck between bars. Right now she's in a regular multi-storied wire cage, but I do have a glass tank with a mesh top that I can move her to if necessary. I just need some advice about which option is better. I know it wouldn't be safe for her to give birth on the higher levels, in case the babies fall, so probably the tank? But I don't know how well they could breathe in it.

I appreciate any help given in advance.
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