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I’ve had 2 female rats now for 3 weeks. Cake is a dumbo rat and is around 2 or 3 months old now. Fiona is a dwarf dumbo Rex rat who is about 7 weeks old.

About 3 days, I noticed Fiona sneezing quite a bit. There’s also the red mucus coming only from her nose in small amounts. She cleans most of it off though, so it’s not let in an excess amount. I’m not sure if her sneezing is already a Upper Respiratory Infection or maybe stress due to slowly adding things every few days to their cage. The sneezing occurs in spurts of about 3-10 or so sneezes, and sometimes can be every few minutes to maybe an hour without hearing a sneeze. She also doesn’t wake herself up sneezing. But she will start shortly after she’s been up for a little. She isn’t lethargic at all, and is actually super crazy still since she’s so young. She running around like crazy and playing with the bigger one when she’s super excited. She also still looks forward to leaving the cage everyday and wants to come out like she did before.

I don’t know what specifically is causing the sneezing and wanted to list some ideas that I might think are causing it and get any feedback anyone has.

the bottom floor of their cage is Kaytee soft and cozy bedding. It’s the fragrance free kind since their sensitive to that kind of thing. Their food is left down here (could sorry bedding be affecting their food quality?) with mostly toys, and they’ve pretty much dedicated a corner to go the bathroom in. There’s a new lava ledge I placed right under the water to maybe help with their sharp nails. The second level had some boxes and is covered by felt at the base. The third level is similar. At the top, there isn’t a space pod they sleep in and hammock.

All of the fleece and the hammock was put in their cage straight from Amazon (now I’m thinking this could be making them sensitive, even though it’s been in there for over 2 weeks). I also think that maybe the hammock needs to be washed since sometimes the little one goes to the bathroom anywhere.

I noticed that there were tissue shreds and the piece of fleece in the space pod where they sleep smelt like pee really bad. It had probably gone i prices like that for 2-4 days. Maybe this caused he sneezing to start? It’s just now it won’t stop.

My boyfriend smokes THC cartridges in his pax. Sometimes I wear a body spray which in the past has made them sneeze once or twice when I put it on before going out. Also, we washed all of our bedding recently, sheets duvet and pillow cases. We left them run around on the end for at least an hour everyday, usually longer. The sneezing started the day we put all the new sheets and stuff on.

Since this all started, ive been trying to o change the fleece every day or two to make sure it doesn’t smell. I also removed all their toys that are wood just in case this is causing issues, and moved the food tot he second level, away from potential bedding getting in the bowl. I’ve also washed the fleece with very little detergent, because I don’t think this is causing the sneezing. The big one seems fine, but she’s also a month or so older. So maybe her immune system is strong?

so sorry for such a long post. I wanted to make sure I gave as much detail of their cage and every thing I think could be causing the issue. Any feedback would be helpful! If she’s not betteror showing signs of improvement in the next two day, a very trip will be in order.
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