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Help needed

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Here's the problem: I can't domesticate my girl. I've had her for more than a month and she's still afraid of me. Well, not that she's afraid but she really doesn't want to be held, she doesn't want to be with me. I don't understand her behaviour cause sometimes she seems comfortable (rarely) and sometimes she doesn't. When I open her cage and try to take her out, she usually runs to her "house" as fast as she can. When I knock on the bar of her cage, she doesn't come out, she just sticks her nose out and sniffs. She's never bitten me though, she lets me touch her nose when she's in her "house" and sometimes bites my fingernails. When she's in my hands, she just looks for a place to hide and when she finds it, it seems she could stay there stoned for hours. It seems I've tried everything: I give her treats (which she takes only if she's in her cage), I talk to her, I even sing to her :oops: No result. E.g. now she's on my lap under the desk and if I try to give her a stroke, she flinches. It takes about 5 mins for her to stop shaking. At first I thought this is normal but now, after more than a month, I'm desperate. Is there any chance she'll get used to me? And what should I do?
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Thank you very much, I'll do exactly as you said. Yeah, I think she needs to be held more because when I take her and she starts to hide, I let her because I don't want to scare her. Now I see it's wrong. Thanks again.
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