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I’m new to owning rats and have had mine for about three weeks now. I’ve been working on bonding and trust and handling with them. My girl, Mochi, is the boldest and has been okay with us picking her up and slowly making her way back into her habitat. I only ever do this sitting in front of their habitat with the doors open so they can go back any time.

Well my sister was holding her and turned around to let the cat sniff her and in a split second She jumped from her arms into the corner of the cage and won’t move. She looks like she’s barely breathing from shock or fear. Her eyes are super wide and bugged out.

I feel so terrible and wish I could have reacted sooner and stopped it. will she be okay? Do rats die from going into shock? It’s been like 20 minutes and she still hasn’t moved from the corner. Is all my progress lost?? What can I do?
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