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Here's the background

My rat is 6 months old, this is day 24 of her accidental pregnancy. At around 11:30 she started squeaking and giving birth. As far as I have been able to tell she has disposed of one baby, and given birth to another dead baby which she seems to think is alive and is trying to nurse and keep warm.

It is now 3:30 and she has not given birth to any more babies, dead or alive, but I'm certain she has more in there. She is not bleeding any more (there was spotting before she started giving birth).

What's happening? What do I do?

Update: 5 hours later she had disposed of one other stillborn and had two live babies.

I went out for a little while so I would stop bothering her (I kept trying to peek through her fort and she didn't like it). I came back about an hour ago, she has one baby in two halves in her nest, and one live one. There is also a bit more blood than I would think normal, she isn't bleeding (I managed to check), could this be from other babies she's disposed of?

I feel like I should take the baby out because:
I don't know if it's the same live baby as before, or she disposed of the first one and had another live-born, so I don't know if she's just disposing of them all
I have lactol formula I can feed it and am 100% prepared to try my best to hand raise
The baby has a milk band so I know she's fed it (is it possible she has ignored it and it has managed to latch on and nurse itself?)

I feel like I shouldn't take the baby out because:
It seems as if she has fed it, so she isn't ignoring it
It has a better chance to survive when feeding off mum

What should I do?

I posted this on Accidental litters too (sorry if that's not allowed), but posted it on here too as it's to do with health (and more people were on this section so I'm hoping to get an answer ASAP)!

Thank you
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