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I just took the girls out for their afternoon romp around the house (a bit later than usual so the two new baby boys could have some cuddle time first :) ) and another of my girls has a head tilt. You can find information on the first girl at http://www.ratforum.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=5628.html

Peaches is very different than Dangerous Beans though. Peaches is tilting to the right, and rotates in that direction. When you pick her up she doesn't flail around like Dangerous Beans did, but instead falls to the right. She also doesn't appear to have any URI at the moment like Dangerous Beans did. I assume she has an inner ear infection, but she's just so different than Dangerous Beans for me to be sure. I was really hoping to not have to spend any more on vet bills soon as I am getting the two boys neutered on the 25th, but I guess Peaches probably needs to go in.

Do rats get inner ear infections without showing signs of a URI?

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