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Help - pretty bad state!

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My rats have been perfect for a year.

Then one got ill, I think it was a stroke because she lost her co-ordination a bit. She had a few scratches on her which I put down to a bit of scrapping I sometimes hear.

As I cleaned my rats out today, looking at them both they have hardly and hair on their backs and sides and are COVERED in tiny scrathes and scabs. It is so horrible to look at and I don't know how this has come about so quickly, they really were fine until like today. I really don't understand.

I am quite upset, it looks really bad with all the hair loss.

They havn't lost any weight, and I havn't noticed any out of the ordinary scratching.

However, my Cat has had fleas recently, could this be the cause? I havn't seen any fleas on the rats tho, and I have looked for mites but I can't see any of them (red, very small?)

I am so worried, should I take them to the vet? They look so terrible, and I really don't understand how this could have happened in a matter of days.

Please give me some advice!
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It could be mites there are verious kinds some that burrow under the skin i would deffinatly take them to the vets and perhaps split the two up for a while placing their cages next to each other incase they have been scrapping.
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