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It seems like ALL of our rats are sick right now.. it must be something contagious that somehow got brought home. But neither of us have handled any other rats or been in pet stores or anything like that..

I put a few rats on clavamox (the ones showing the first signs) but now that the 10 day trial is almost over, it seems to not be working anymore and they're almost worse than they were before it was started. And now everyone is having these sneezes, and a couple are worse than the others. The vet gave us doxy/baytril combo for the first 3 we took in. Now I'm going to have to bring the last 4 in for more meds and hope that the meds are working for whatever it could be that's made everyone sick.

They are having normal sneezes, but also these weird sneezes where it's silent, but they twitch their head in a similar way to a sneeze, but almost like they have a tickle or something. It's just a quick flick of the head, but everyone is doing it. They also are all more porphyriny than normal, and some are a little fluffy and unhappy looking. My hairless girl who's had chronic URI and LRI issues her whole life is sounding pretty bad again.. and one of the group of 3 was very bad with labored breathing and heavy wheezing. She acts like she feels better now that she's had meds for a day and a half but is still wheezing and still looks a little labored. But i'm hoping that's a good sign that these meds are starting to work....

I can't believe all 7 of our ratties are coming down with some kind of illness.. I have no idea what it could be that isn't responsive to the clavamox and is contagious. I just lost my heart-rat 2 weeks ago.. the thought of suddenly losing all 7 or even just 1 of my babies now makes me feel like I can't breathe.. I have to wait until Tuesday to take everyone in because of the holiday.

Has anyone had a contagious respiratory disease go through their group? What treatments did you use to fix them? Did you have any idea what it could have been?
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