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I have 3 rats and one of them is doing fine (His name is Cinnamon, an Cinnamon Pearl Headspot Berkshire Dumbo. He is big, and has sharp claws. If you know the technique to cut their claws, please tell me). Now the other two aren't doing the best. I have an Agouti Berkshire Rex, named Rex, who has a little bit of hair loss and when he breathes sometimes you hear kind of a mucusy sound. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=li6t9tDV6PQ&list=UUr3gn9nfvapst48BWHwglqQ&. He also sneezes sometimes (like when he's taken out of the cage into another room he may sneeze, but not in cage. Very rare at all he does.). Now the other one we have, A Black Berkshire Rex, Crackers, is skinny and the weakest in the cage. He doesn't sneeze, but has always made a weird noise (mucusy sound, Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHVvQjeH_mQ&list=UUr3gn9nfvapst48BWHwglqQ&) when he gets picked up and puled out of the cage. I wanted to feed him avocado to help him at least put on some weight, but my dad ended up putting it into the cage and letting everyone get a piece of it. Crackers was always picked on by Rex, and they really have a love hate relationship. Cinnamon is cool with both Rex and crackers and wrestles with Rex often. They all get fed normally (Fed Slective: A fortified diet for rats made by Supreme Science. Picture of food: http://www.petmountain.com/photos/p...rat-mouse-food/supreme-selective-rat-food.jpg), and they are all active (they come out and play). Crackers is the only one who spends most of his time in the house or on a certain spot in the cage. Here is an album of photos that will show what I described. It has the names of each of the rats labeled on them: http://imgur.com/a/glk8V#0

Their ages:
Cinnamon is 11 months, and will be a year on the 16th
Crackers is a Year and 2 months.
Rex is a year and 2 months.
We were told Rex and Crackers may be from the same litter.

Please don't judge me. I love these rats, but I have divorced parents and the way it's set up right now, I am not at my dad's much. Thus, I really have to leave their care to my dad.

Now don't get me wrong, we don't have them in a bad environment (only downside I think is that they're downstairs near the back door, and it gets cold down here. They were originally moved to there due to the summer heat, originally upstairs, but it was getting really hot), they have a Petco Rat Manor Cage, A wheel to run in (actually used, though I do know that a lot say they do not need it), Nice water bottle (Though it's one of those non leak ones, ad I noticed that the water level doesn't ever get very low, unless left for a long time compared to the usual water bottles), a nice wooden house (to sleep in), and their wood chews. We ended up having to get rid of the hammocks we had due to them peeing, pooping, tearing holes and sleeping in all that.

The one thing my dad can't afford right now is a vet visit. It's too expensive my dad says.

Thanks for any help given

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rexes do bald as they age and yours sound about the right age to bald.

Your skinny lad does need extras. i would ask your dad to take him out every day abs put him in a carrier with a bit of baby food or similar. Our just give him a really big meal when you are over there.

I'd probably get the noises checked out at the vet
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