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Hi all,
We had an incident where Percy got injured in a fight during free roam last night which resulted in a gash to the testicle. The vet needed to surgically repair the wound and whilst he was there he castrated too.
I have the other two boys booked in as soon as possible, but it will be the 1st of June - just under 2 weeks - until they get theirs snipped.
Of course, Percy will be kept alone for 2-3 days after the op, but I would really like to put him back with his brothers, provided the wound heals nicely. HOWEVER - is this going to cause issues (two intact, one neutered) and potentially cause more squabbling, re-establishing the hierarchy and increasing the risk of more injuries? Two weeks is a long time to keep Percy alone and only allow supervised visitation but am I asking for trouble putting him back in?
Opinions and advice wanted, please and thank you!
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