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can anyone help me?

i have 2 rats at the age of about 15 week old, every morning i get up and feed them and there both there greeting me, but this morning only one of them came, my baby bell was stil in her bed, my first impressions was she was dead, so i took her out and saw she was breathing but just her wiskers moving.

i sat her on my knee and she wouldnt move, she was just sat there, i tried giving her food but she wouldnt take it, i had to go to school then so i left her in a seperate cage away from my other rat as i heard they eat each other if they are unwell,when i placed her down, she started rocking from side to side, i only saw her do this twice but she has never done this before. when i came home she was fine, nothing wrong with her, she was jumping about and eating ect..when i added her to the other cage she seemed fine with jess..my other rat....but she keeps falling off the bars and the platform instead of jumping.

can anybody help me?
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im sorry for you loss my thoughts are with you
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