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My big guy jack is acting like he has hickups but he's had them all day!! i'm so worried!! HELP! PLS god...
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i think they can get hiccups, so if you think they are really hiccups i wouldn't be too worried. hiccups are just a spasming of the diaphragm muscle below the lungs. i've seen dogs and horses hiccup...

are they small hiccups, or huge, debilitating ones?
Couple of my boys seem to get hiccups right when they wake up. *shrug* I dunno about all day, though.
Well, I had him out of the cage last night & they went away. They were back again this morning though, It seems like every time I take him out of his cage he gets them for a few minutes & then they go away. Should I be worried?
Sounds like stress. He should be just fine. As long as they are silent. Noisy hiccups can be a problem.
stress! lol from what the little guys! the kids do bug him alot! lol
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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