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Help. :)

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Well, I have 2 rats, Oreo and Bo. I've had em for a month or more now, and they don't seem to like me still. :/ I want them to come on my shoulder/hand/blahblah that stuff, and just.... play with me out of the cage! xD But they don't. Anyone know how to train them to get them to like you? Thanks in advance. :)
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Personally I dont like forced socialisation, I feel it set us back trust wise at times.
Try sitting by the cage with the door open with lost of lovely treats, call them and reward them when they come to you, put the treats closer to so they need to come to you to get them.
You can use their normal food (leave a little in the cage for them) or little peices of yogurt drops
Yeah I think it will :)
Poppy was very nervous when I fist got her, she wouldnt even come out for food now she climbs up me even when I dont want her to like when Im clean :lol:
Lola dosent climb onto be she just stands on me with her front legs but if I scoop her up she will act like she dosnt want picked up but then she curls up on my sholder :)
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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