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Helping my gran to like my rats

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So Im taking my rats to my grans, she said "Looking forward to your visit but
not so sure of the wild-life".
Anyone got any ideas?
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Before my mum came to stay with us for a week, she made it quite clear that the rats were to be kept in their cage while she was here and that she wouldn't be going anywhere near them.

Of course, I couldn't keep them in the cage for a week so I took one out and played with her in my hoodie. Mum started to show a bit of an interest and said it would be ok if I sat with her on the couch, as long as she didn't climb on her. Well, of course, she climbed on her before I could catch her and when I went to move her, Mum said "she's ok". By the end of the week she was saying good morning to them when she got up! :lol:

I think you just need to let the rats persuade your gran. :)
You mean you have no pictures of her cuddling them to share with us? ;)
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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