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Helping my gran to like my rats

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So Im taking my rats to my grans, she said "Looking forward to your visit but
not so sure of the wild-life".
Anyone got any ideas?
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Hehe, I think some peole do that :)
We're home again now, she still called them "the animals" but she was able to empathise with them so I guess she dosent think they're monsters :lol:
It was so cute when we got home, the came out of hiding as soon as I opened the door_must have been the smell of my flat :lol:
You mean you have no pictures of her cuddling them to share with us? ;)
my dad hates my ratties, and on the rare occasions that he comes to my place, he wont even look at them. my grandmother, who is 90, says she doesnt like rats, but she will let me put them on her when she is at my place, and she will even say how cute they are. i dont think she will ever really like them, but at least she tolerates them.
my mother and brother, on the other hand, are very happy to have them running all over them when they are here. at least some of my dog-loving family will accept them.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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