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Helping remaining cagemates process death if they cant see the body?

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I've posted a lot about my boy Nimble recently, and he was put to sleep just a few hours ago. I am an absolute wreck over it, and my room feels significantly emptier without him in it.

He left behind three cage mates, and while they weren't all the closest, they did like to all cuddle periodically. I know that rats experience sadness and grief when a cage mate dies, and that typically letting them see and sniff the body provides closure.

However, as I said, Nimble was euthanized. I did not go into the appointment fully expecting him to be euthanized, but that is what happened, and as a result, the others did not get to see the body. I came home and they seem very confused when I didn't place him back in their cage.

How can I help them understand and cope with this? Is there anything specific I can do to give them closure, without the body?
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Are there any blankets or toys that Nimble was particularly fond of or claimed as his own? Or a dish? Placing them in the cage or enclosure with his mates may help them remember him and give them closure. You are a very good human to be so considerate of their feelings. Kudos to you, all the best to them.😊🐀
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