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Her Last Days: What Would You Do?

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I have the rare opportunity of knowing when my baby will be put down. Last euthanasia, I had no notice. By the time I was told, it was best to let her go with a quick sad goodbye. For Athena, I know that it'll be next week. If you had this chance, what would you do?

I decided not to continue medication outside of steroids. I want to make her supper the next few nights, if not breakfast as well. I don't know if I should make her a peanut butter cookie or something. I don't know what else to do for her. I'm just trying to baby her and not stress her out too much. She is confused, blind, in a bit of pain and immobile.
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if she still enjoys food, I would serve her whatever she wants, no matter how bad...I'd give cotten candy served with koolaid if that was the desire.

I had a very old ferret who had insulinoma, adrenal disease, missing a spleen and lymphoma-over her life she had multiple surgeries. At the end the only thing she really loved was food. She got chicken baby food, fruitloops, raison flavored treats and icecream for the last week I had her.
I'm sorry to hear about Althena's poor health.

Max is in pretty bad shape too, her eyes keep gluing themselves shut and she's taking a bit of water yogurt and pudding via syringe, she still quiets down and bruxes a little when I hold and stroke her and tell her what a good rat she is. She really can't move otherwise but she's keeping her ears peaked so she can hear us.

Try and make Althena's last few days as intimate as possible.
lots of one on one snuggles ! I'm so sorry to hear she's leaving you </3
I agree with everyone here - so sorry about Althena - and Max too
I'd do anything for mine, &lots of cuddles, her favourite food.
I'm very sorry to hear of Both of your terrible times. I couldn't honestly think how your feeling. the love you can have for a rat is indescribable! I think I'd crack up if I lost any of mine.

Sorry to hear about Max, I remember when you got her. She's so young.

She's had Mac N Cheese for supper. I'll make her eggs tomorrow morning. She's not big on cuddles though she does seem to being "swaddled" so to speak; her being blind so suddenly is really disorienting for her especially when it comes to being picked up.

She's cuddled up in "her" hammock with a few others, so I've let her have the day unbothered.

I've decided to schedule her appointment for Thursday, after all my classes. It's sort of an excuse for more time (I know it's in her best interest to go before it gets really bad, but that doesn't mean it is easy) and so I don't have to drag myself through school mourning her.

This article has helped me cope; http://www.joinrats.com/RatHealth/CompassionateEuthanasia/VetAdvice/
I suppose this is the first time I'm writing about Max in the past tense. She was only a year and a half old. It's been a very hard last several days... feeding and watering her with a syringe, wiping her front and back, holding her for hours, cleaning her eyes so she could open them and trying to give her meds she hated.... Oddly I'm too exhausted to even feel sad yet... I'm strangely numb and maybe even just a touch relieved. I did everything I could to make her passing easier or give her a chance to recover, but in the end it wasn't easy... we shared some good moments amongst the bad.

Max survived the feeder bins, being hand raised from 2 weeks old and a horrible injury and she plowed through life like she was indestructible, pretty much one more miracle recovery would have been nice. But her spirit couldn't overcome her tumors... and due to a nightmare series of delays in getting the medication she just ran out of time.

Time is so precious for our furry best friends... I suppose all we can do is make the best of what time we have together...
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The only thing you could do is make them as comfortable as possible. Spend the time you can with them.
I'm no rat expert, but when one of my first girls, Missy, was dying I spent as much time as I could with her. the day that she died in my hands I only set her down for about 15 minutes in total.
I'm so sorry to hear about your baby, I'm sure she has had the best life possible with you.
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