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Hey there!
I'm a junior at Auburn University majoring in anthropology.
I have five tattoos and five piercings (nothing naughty).
As for my personality, I wouldn't say I am outgoing but I get by somehow.
Hobbies: reading, drawing, watching movies, and other such mundane but fantastic things.
I just got my first rat in October, her name is Coraline after a Neil Gaiman book. I found out she was pregnant 21 days after I got her, I wont lie...I panicked. She had 8 babies; 3 males and 5 females. 4 are a brownish-black color, 3 are champagne colored like their mom and 1 has a black hood and white body. I managed to find homes for all of them. I decided to keep two little girls, a brown one who I named Nimh and a champagne one named Poppy.
Here are some pics:
This one of the babies was taken about two weeks ago, they are much bigger now. (I used a disposable digital camera because I don't own one myself, hence the poorish quality)


And this is Cora :)

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