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Well, Im a member of a bunch of other forums, but i love to expand my horizon. I am currently owned my 6 rats. A male standard berkshire named Rat-Man, a male barebacked grey rex named Squeeky, a male standard black hooded named Rocky, another male standard hooded, this one beige, named Jack, a female standard REW (she doesn't have a name yet, so any suggestions would be awsome), and a female standard dumbo himalayan named Siam. I am hopping to expand my stock by getting some more himalayans and possibably some Siamese. I would like to start breeding Siamese and Himalayans instead of Hooded and Capped. I would love a Dumbo Double Rex Himalayan, so if anyone knows people who breed these, please let me know!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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