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I've had an account made on here for a while and have been scouring it for weeks before finally getting my new babies!
I have owned rats for about 4 years and have owned 3 (only 3!) in that time frame. Well, I just got two new boys, Mordecai and Rigby. They are little Siam boys and were born in May.
My past fur babies were all girls: Patch (black hooded), Frankie (black berkshire) and Helena (pink-eyed white).
Once my last girl, Helena, crossed the rainbow bridge, I found it hard to accept another as my heart rat. So I waited over a year until I finally decided that I wanted more rats.
I was one of the gullible people that listened to everything a pet store associate told me so when I had my girls, I had them all consecutively but never together. Sure, my sister also had rats and adopted them consecutively so we had rats at the same time but, no, they never lived together and I regret doing that to them. We were told that males were always aggressive and rats living together would end up killing each other over territorial issues. I was also never aware that rats would greatly enjoy a bigger cage - bigger than the cheap Grreat Choice $30 cages that we mistakenly bought for them.
But, I have learned since then! I touched up on (more like relearned) my rattie info before buying Mordie and Rigby from a breeder (all of my previous girls were from the pet store). We got them the Feisty Ferret cage (much like the DCN but cheaper), ropes, hammocks, baskets, toys, a litter box and they constantly get fresh fruit and veggies and now instead of using unhealthy pet store food, I am feeding them SueBee's mix with added lab blocks. I have learned so much from the breeder I got my boys from and I can't thank her enough for her help. I'm sure she's on here but I don't know her username, haha. Shout out to you!
After rambling and Mordie pooing down my back a few times as I was typing this, I must say that I am very excited to finally make an appearance on Rat Forum and learn more and more about rats.

[Pictured: Mordecai, my second heart rat.]

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