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Hey guys!

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Hey all, I'm Andrea and a rat hopeful lol. Right now I have 6 guinea pigs most of which are rescued except for one... a betta fish and a mixed breed dog of which is rescued as well. Over about I'd say a span of 6 months I've fell in love with this rat named Walter at my animal care class I take in boces and I really want to get a rat(or two if I can). Problem is, my parents havent given me a yes or no. So have any of you other memembers falling under this delimah? If so can ya give me some tips on what to do to convince them, I do know a few things like they are very pron to tumors :( and sadly dont live as long as you want them to...Also I've looked on petfinder and havent seen any rats in my area so anyone from Long Island NY know any places where I could rescue some ratties if my parents allow me to get them, I'm willing to get older ones as long as I know they'll be happy with the rest of the time they have here. I also know a small animal vet(where we take our piggies) so incase something happens I could take them there. Well thanks for taking the time to read...my novel haha I didnt even realize it was this long.
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Hey and welcome. Yeah before I had gotten my first rats, It took quit a bit of convincing to my mom. We had TONS of animals and my mom didn't care for rats much. I did alot of info searching and told my mom how they where very clean, easy to take care of, and loving. My mom is a sucker for any animal so it wasnt too long before she said yes to the idea. lol, she fell in love with them a week or two after we got them! I think it depends on the person your trying to convince. If you do end up getting a rat (hopefully you get two! hehe) adopt or get from a breeder. I have always gotten my babies from petstores, but I was willing to take them the vets to make sure they were healthy once I got them. When you get any rodent from a petstore you pretty much asking for a health problem.
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