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Hey guys!
Ive been nosying around these forums for months but have only recently decided to post. Though i may as well introduce myself.
Well my real names Alex i live in the midlands in the UK. The weather sucks but at least i don't get all the over heating gerbil problems a lot of you guys get.
I've owned rats for just over a year now and have spent countless hours researching them so i hope i can help out around the forums.
I also own the rodent blog www.myrodent.com which i actually finally released a few days ago. A few articles on there at the moment, hopefully you will find them useful. More to come soon. :)
Can i also say, you guys have got an absolutely splendid community going on here which has helped me in the past loads. Its always been what Google has pointed me too when i've needed help anyway. ;)
Cyu guys around!
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