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Hey- New to the boards :D

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Hey every one! My name is Mikel, and Im 18 years old. I have had rats since I was 6 years old. (With the help of my parents when I was young lol) I dont have rats at the moment, but thats because we might be moving to the USA this summer, and I couldnt take them with me. But I had rats last year, but sadly they hit their end. Ebony had a tumer on her side, and she died, Then Holly died, the vet said she had a tumor behind her right eye. It was really sad. And Pagan took both of their deaths hard. She refused to eat, or drink. She would lay all and look at me, and when I took her out she would lick me, and jsut sit there. I put coolaid in her water, and she started drinking a bit, but not much. Poor baby died soon after.

I have 2 dogs, and three hermit crabs. Love all of them much. I always have fed my rats lab blocks. Ive always found them good because they cant pick the good stuff apart from the healthy not soo good stuff. Well thats about me. I tried not to make it too long, but it seems like it didnt work... lol... Hope to hear from everyone!
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Welcome to the boards, I hope you have a safe trip to the US, and you have a great home here, and are able to take in some ratties! :D
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