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Hey guys, I'm Jessi. I just went to Petno *cough* I mean Petco and bought two rats. I have no idea how old they are, but one is small and one is medium, baby and adolescent? Anyway, they are both girls and the big on is white with a tan color from her nose to her neck and her name is Maggie. The other one is albino and her name is Lola. They are very sweet girls. I love them so much. I have had one rat in the past a few years back and it was a boy names Merlin. I had never taken him to the vet and he was very healthy. Unfortunately he did not live very long. I think he somehow got out of the cage and my cat must have "scared him to death" as the saying goes. Because there was no blood or anything. Anytime my cat and my rat would intereract, I would always be there watching and she would roll over and try to get his attention. She did that with my rabbit I had before that as well. Very odd to me. Anywhozywhatsit, I better stop typing. hehe

I hope that I can get to know some of you, answer questions and get my questions answered. This is very exciting. I'm glad I joined the club

-jess (^_^)
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