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Hey there!

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Hi, My name's Abi! I'm 19 and live with my parents in kansas. I work from home so have a lot of time on my hands. :twisted:
We have 2 girl pet ratties, 3 ferrets, a cat, and a dog.
My Rat's names are Little Lucy (black hooded) and Misty (blue hooded).
My ferrets are Fancy girl (sable) Sassy roo (sable) and the boy, Sherlock (albino).
The cat, Abie, is a brown siamise mix. The dog, Daisy, is a lab mix.

We've got are own little zoo here but the Rats and Ferrets are my responsiblity and the dog and cat are family pets. 8)

I bought Lucy and Misty about a month and a half ago from petsmart. I've actully found I have bonded more to them. I've been told multi. times no more rats, though. :roll:

I got the Ferrets about 9 months ago, and have already joined a ferret fourm. This Rat fourm seems like it has potential to grow.
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I tried Marshall no-odor maybe 18 months ago, and they started to drink less water so I stopped. It is very dangerous if it makes the rats drink less water so be very careful (even drinking 5% less water would be very bad), plus not sure some of the ingredients aren't downright unhealthy or even toxic. If you use it, it is very important that you change the water daily. If you use fleece as liners it is normal that your cage smell bad. Try Aspen instead.
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