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Sending a "Hello!" to all of you rat-crazy folks on here from Amelia of Missouri. I'm seventeen and engaged, and will soon be moving to Florida, then making another move to one of the Carolinas. After a few years there, I'll end up in Colombia, South America with my husband's family.

I bought my first rat at age twelve. It was a pink-eye-white hairless doe. Since then I've had my fair share of rats, but overall my favorites have been the HAIRLESS! I'm now the proud owner of one pink-eye-white hairless three month old doe, and will be acquiring a "dark color" dumbo buck this coming Monday (November 27). I say "dark color" because I'm buying from a shop I trust who is supplied by a breeder I trust, and they're half an hour away so I could only call them up when I found out about their dumbos to reserve one. I can't wait to bring my new boy home!

I do plan to begin a breeding program and to purchase ratties that came from established and known lines in the future, but right now I want to try my hand at my own kids.

Judging from the bulge in my doe's belly, she may already be pregnant (which I dislike with a passion because a. I don't know who the father is and b. She's very young.) so I may be having kittens sooner than I anticipated. I understand that hairless does aren't the best mothers in a lot of cases, and if that is the case with my girl or if she has problems lactating, I'm only a part-time worker and I'm a house-girl the rest of the time, so I'll have PLENTY of time here to take care of babies myself. It's a plus that I've raised everything from mice to kittens to baby birds.. ^_~

Right now, in addition to my one (two.. =)) rat(s), I own a green iguana, two roosters, a collecton of koi and goldfish, a snapping turtle, a red tail boa, five cats, three dogs, and two egyptian spiny mice. I LOVE my animals dearly and they each get the best care any animal could wish for.

I look forward to sharing my own knowledge of rats here, and to expand my knowledge of rats. I'm sure I'll get lots of great pointers from people with little things I may have overlooked. Hey! It happens to all of us, even the experienced.

Time to flop down on the couch and cuddle up with my little girl and make myself at home. =D HELLO!

--Also;; I am VERY willing to take in any rats / iguanas (or other lizards. I've owned and cared for many kinds) / fish / etc. from people in my area or within an hour or two of me either permanantly or as a "foster" until a permanant home is found. You can rest assured that I'll be providing a loving, spoiling, exceptional home for any rescue rat I take in. I have the money to build enclosures for animals that need large ones (concerning lizards) and I have the space and time to provide the care, home, and diet the animals need.
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