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hello, my name is jenna. my fiance and i own an in-home rattery in the utah area. we currently have 9 rats..our rats are our lives.
we currently have a litter of 9 babies, but we are pretty stumped on what color they are..we have spent nights doing research and nothing we found matches what we have.
most of the litter looks "fawn", but they have dark guard hairs instead of light. the other two we have look like they are pink eyed whites, but they have super light grey/blue heathering on their faces..the one i posted has a blaze, clearly, if you look close. the very tips of where the blaze is is a different color than the rest of his body..my camera just doesnt capture the true color.
any ideas what they could be?
please forgive me if this is not the right place to post this, but i really need info, babies need to be registered and adopted next week and we are still clueless on the coloration.
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