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Hello all, i'm Rose. It's great to come to a site were everyone loves rats becasue allot of people these days think of rats as filthy and disgusting. :( Well i know for sure Rats can make one of the most best pets ever, and are very clean when domestic.

Well i'm 18 and from Ireland, i'm a really big animal lover, i'm a vegan.... vegan not vegaterian :wink: And i even have my own website on animal rights.

I had a rat called Tails once, he was the sweetest lil baby ever lol. But he got very ill after he had his operation to remove a lump from his shoulder, he got better afterwards due to having to bring him to a better vet to get better treatment. But not to long after he died. :(

I must admit though, i'm almost sure he had a great life. I hope he's resting in peice now. :)

Anyhow! I'll stop blabbering :p

Nice to meet ye
all :) x
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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