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this is an account me and my boyfriend share - we and our flatmate jointly adopted three boys (brothers) at the beginning of September. Apparently some idiot attempted to breed and then SURPRISINGLY had 11 rats instead of 2 - which he apparently was not willing to look after so he dumped the babies after a while at the local pet store(when they were about 6-7 weeks) from where we adopted them. As far as we can tell they're developing well except for one little thing that I'd like to post into the behaviour forum for when I can. Mr Pickles (after a gay little dog we met in Edinburgh - it's really funny if you were there) and Appa (after the sky bison in Avatar <3 ) are the hooded wild coloured ones who are only distinguishable from behind and Miso (after the soup) is the ginger-ish (not sure if scientific term) hooded one.

They're all little pains in the butt and cheeky as but getting them was the best decision we have ever made and we are both enjoying the photos in this forum already :)

Gloria & Martin (attached photos of rats with spinach, rats paying attention to my dinner, rats having climbed up my legs and trying to climb into my dinner and rats for once not beating the living **** out of each other but being all cuddly <3 ) Vertebrate Mammal Rat Muridae Degu
Rat Mammal Hamster Muridae Muroidea
Canidae Sporting Group Tail Paw Guinea pig
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