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Hello everybody, Ah the wonder of the Internet...with the click of a mouse you can find fellow rat
lovers. I know I'm In the right place. Actually was looking for a place to post for rats that need homes. I work In a pet shop and rats aren't a big seller. Meaning the "overstock" languish in the back room indefinitely.

I guess I've accidently gotten involved in rat rescue. Virtually all the other employees are down on rodents of all types. So I'm the one who regularly changes the rat's litter and makes sure they have water and fresh veggies with their regular chow. There is one rat in the back right now. They've hinted they'd be happy if I took him home.

If anyone lives in New Jersey and would be interested. It's a white male adult. Very friendly, I've been testing his sociability daily and considering he probably had no cuddling before I started working there he enjoys being held and petted. I would keep him myself but in my daughter's room there is a multi-level cage with seven girl rats.

It's a long story...we had four...one passed on. I went to a local pet shop notorious for breeding rats for the resident reptiles. I picked one sweet baby, her two sisters were just as cute and friendly...I couldn't just take her and leave them to be eaten. So yes I am a rat person. Plus two pit bulls and five cats.

I would keep him but it would be great if he had a home with someone who could give him more attention than I have time for. He's a great big healthy guy.
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