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Hi all! I'm Jay, and I've been lurking the forums for awhile, but thought it was about time I signed up. I have two rats, sisters, one is mine, and one is my partners. Their names are Minx (mine) and Ratty (because, being a typical male (no offence males!), my partner was too lazy/busy playing Playstation to think up a better name - but Ratty doesn't hold it against him! :wink:

Minx is a little rocket, and she races around everywhere, while Ratty is much more laid back, occasionally making me think I made the wrong choice when choosing which rat would be mine, hehe.

Before Minx and Ratty, and before I was with my partner, I owned two other sisters (Lestat and Rabble), sadly, both girls had to been rehomed when I moved back to my parents for awhile. (My mother refused to have rats in her house, especially around her incredibly spoiled Bichon Frise!) But now we are happily settled into our new home, and so are Minx and Ratty. We've had our new girls for about 8 weeks now (and they were 8 weeks when we got them), and they're responding to our names, and running to the side of the cage at dinner time, which are good signs I guess!

I'm naturally a crafy, DIY kinda gal, so my girls have lots of little hidey holes and hammocks to play and hide in, which I make all the time, and I'm currently in the process of building/making a little carry bag for them to take them out with us when we can.

Anyway - long introduction, sorry, and I'll post some pictures as soon as I can - only got bad quality cellphone pxt photos at the moment!

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