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So after years of being a rodent enthusiast (yes and a dork :) ) I have now successfully passed it on to my soon to be three year old (12/11) We got two fancy rats this Fri...his is really special, she's already coming when called and just a little mush...he named her "Buggy" she has a black hood with a little dtrip descending half way down her back and then a little black rght above her tail. Having owned many pets over the years you come to know that some are just "special" and I can tell this little girl is going to be that way. The one I picked out I beieve has siamese markings ?? she is whie with some tannish/brownish coloration on her lower back and around her nose...I named her Liza cause she is just so purty. Anyways, just wanted to say Hi. I used to be on a forum like this years ago, not sure if this is the same one or not.

Sally (although u cld prbly guess that from my username :D

Pictures will be soon to follow...
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