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Not only am I new forum member, I am a new pet rat owner. I had always read about how wonderful rat's were as pets and I was at a new local, neighbor owned, pet store. I started playing with the babies and fell in love with one of them (became my Penelope). I had also read how it is a good idea to have at least a pair to keep each other company. I was planning on taking Penelope out each day, but I sometimes have health issues and cannot play daily.

I noticed that Penelope had become attached to another rat (who became Pandora) who was slightly older. So home they came with me. They became part of our little family - 1 dog, 3 cats and 2 parakeets. I sort of wish that I had picked a different color - both are white - I have a difficult time telling one from the other. This is an extremely cut down version of what we have always had at home. I used to be a wildlife rehabilitator and we always had both wild and domesticated animals around. In any case, we now added the two members.

I never had to worry about the cats and the rats. First, both pretty much ignored each other and then when they had their first contact, Pandora pretty much "explained" to Kitty that sticking your nose in her cage was not allowed. No problems since. The cats will go for "viewings", but no contact.

I am constantly reading whatever I can find so that I can learn more. I know they are being completely spoiled right now because I am feeding them a lot of different things so I can find out what they like.

I am completely hooked. These little ones are wonderful. They are so friendly and cuddly. They have never even nipped me by accident when I feed them. I am not completely happy with their cage - I would like them to have a larger one. I will be moving within the next couple of months and I plan on making them a larger home.

I will be asking a lot of questions and I am so grateful that you all are here. In the short time I have been reading through the posts, I have learned a lot.

I wish you all a happy and safe holiday and I look forward to "meeting" all of you.


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