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Hello! :)

My name is Kathryne and I'm new here. :D

I just recieved 2 new ratty babies (my first ones!)
and thought I'd register here in case I ever had
any questions or needed help. :eek:

I'll be around readin' topics and stuff - It's very
nice to meet you all. :D

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Sure ^^

Both of them are PEWs (Pink eyed whites).
They're so hard to tell apart! :eek:

Neither of them have names yet - since I've
just gotten them yesterday.

They're both still very shy around me having
just gotten here - but I can hear them run
around like they own the place in their cage
at night! :D

Hopefully I'll have picture of both of them up
soon, so I care share my babies with the rest
of the world. ^^ (when they're a little less shy!)

Thank you for welcoming me Forensic! Once again
It's wonderful to be here! :D
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