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I'm new here. Not really sure what to post.... I'm a bit shy, I suppose!

I adopted a dumbo feeder (I know, big no no, but when I went up to the cage she immediately jumped in my hand and gave me kisses. I couldn't let her die that way.) and I'm concerned she may be pregnant as the rats did not appear to be separated, and I'm here to do my research in case she is. I've found a local vet in my area that does specialize in small/exotic pets, so I'm good in that department, and I've been feeding her a high protein diet and giving her extra veggies. She does not appear to have a URI, as they had just gotten her in that day, and isn't sneezing or sniffling, and no signs of myco. When I put her chest to my ear all I hear is her heart.

Sorry for rambling, I'm just not sure how to go about this. I'm working on getting her a friend, but seeing as she may give birth, I'm reluctant for now, but she is being allowed to play with my husband and I for hours and hours at a time, so she is not alone for the majority of the day. We've had her for a little over a week.

Any advice would be great. She's a precious little thing and loves shoulder rides and playing and cleaning out ears and noses (eww, but awwww, but eww. Haha!) and we're in love with her tiny self. Her name is Mookie.

If you read all that, thanks. If you didn't, I understand, haha! Any advice, and points to other threads, are appreciated.
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