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;) hi!

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<- me and rasin, :) I just got him a week ago, my first one! (always wanted a rat) he is way strange but I'm sure i can get him to like me. we are working out our issues and this forum has been helpful, the things I'm worried about with him others have already posted so i don't have to bother anyone :D
I just have one question, when Rats squeak does that say happy or scared? He squeaks in my ear when he rides on my shoulder.
Well, hello to everyone!!
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are you sure its a squeak and not a brux (sort of strange grinding sound)? the bruxing means he's happy, not too sure what a squeak would mean without having to hear it myself.

are you getting him a friend soon too? i'm sure you've read loads about how keeping rats in at least pairs is best from just the most recent (last couple days) of posts.

oh, and that little picture over there is SO not enough new ratty pics for us nutty ratty parents. we demand to see more cute pics of the baby. i'd love to see your cage set up too. i really like seeing what others have done with their cages. they're so neat.

edit: i can't believe i said all that and didn't actually say welcome... *shakes head* (bad mod! bad!)

WELCOME! *grins* i hope you enjoy your stay and we get to see more pics soon.
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