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;) hi!

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<- me and rasin, :) I just got him a week ago, my first one! (always wanted a rat) he is way strange but I'm sure i can get him to like me. we are working out our issues and this forum has been helpful, the things I'm worried about with him others have already posted so i don't have to bother anyone :D
I just have one question, when Rats squeak does that say happy or scared? He squeaks in my ear when he rides on my shoulder.
Well, hello to everyone!!
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YES!!! grinding sound, I'm so glad he is happy!! and pictures? i don't think he understands the concept and just wont stand still long enough :lol:
his cage is not much at the moment but i work at a hardware store and am going to get supplies tomorrow to make a real home for him. Also Monday i am going to get one of his brothers, i cant condemn him to a life alone. I just don't want to catch GMR (get more rats) he is my first.

It is kind of funny, i went out to get a hamster (my last one died 4 months ago) but decided i wanted something smarter that wont bite.

and if anyone has advice, he loves to climb all over me but hates being picked up, will this bet better over time or am i going to have to live with it?
thank you all for the nice welcome and i got up some new pics in my gallery... he is also getting a great new home, it will be 32x32in square and 16 in deep with 3 maby 4 lvls. i got all the things tonight im going to take pics of it while building and once its done!!!! im so excited :lol: im a big nerd!!!
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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