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Im new to having rats and i cant post in other parts of the forum. I just got 3 females from Pet Smart 4 days ago. Their names are Phoebe, Ella and Willow and Pet Smart says they are 3-4 months old and have been in the store since December. I know it is better to get them from a breeder but i couldnt find any that live close enough to me and the roads are not very safe here so i didnt want to drive very far.

Ive been playing with all of them a lot. Phoebe and Ella seem to love being out of their cage and are not very shy. Ive been paying close attention to them and today i noticed Phoebe has some red stuff around her nose and sometimes makes weird noises when shes breathing and she also has diarrhea. Ella was making something like a clicking noise for a few minutes.

I have been feeding them Oxbow Essentials mouse an young rat food, which is what they were eating in the store and giving them new water once a day. They have also had a few grapes, blueberries and organic cheerios.

Also Petsmart has a 14-day satisfaction guarantee so if they become ill or they die i can bring them in for a refund or replacement. If i bring them in for illness or injury they will be treated and i would be notified if they recover and i could repurchase them.

I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what to do about Phoebe and Ella because im not sure if these things are something they need to see a vet for or maybe im doing something wrong. I would love to keep them but i will bring them to the store if i need to.

In the picture, Phoebe is on the left, Ella in the middle and Willow on the right
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