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I'm a rat momma to 5 female ratties ranging from 1 yr to 1.5 years old.

The first rat I got was a boy that I named Juniper. Unfortunately, after about 2 weeks of having him he caught something that made him extremely sick and he died within 24 hours. (At the time, he was with me at a camp I was working out and some strange plague broke out among the kids. The ER docs didn't even know what it was. I think it might have been that.) After that, I decided to get girls since I was still a little heartbroken over my boy.

This is Lena. She's my second oldest and is a Dumbo black bareback.

Starting from the left: Bear, dumbo of an unknown color. When she's being still, she has dark points on her nose, but the rest of her body is a dark cream color. She's my 2nd youngest.
Next is Lily, a top-eared cinnamon? She's unfortunately my sickest girl since she was bred as snake food. She's my middle child!
Next is Eloise, a dumbo black irish. She's my youngest.
Last is Luci. She's a dumbo rex agouti berk and she's my oldest! She's also looking a little possessed in the picture, but it's impossible to get a good one of all of them.

This was Juniper. He was 2.5-3 months old in this photo and was already this big. He would've been a giant snuggle bug.
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