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My name is Laura. I'm from Canada and I'm 16. My family used to have 2 rats which we had to keep seperate because of their temper toward one another. One died from a tumor and one got his head stuck between the bars =[. Just recently I was looking for a new pet, a reptile actually, but ended up spotting a bunch of rats instead. I ended up picking out a nine week old female Dumbo rat I named JuJube.

She doesn't stop moving! She fell asleep in my pocket and sleeve of my sweater a few times so far, but other then the occasional rest, she's on the go! I take her out every morning before school and every evening when I get home for hours (off and on usually, so I can eat dinner and take a shower). I know that everyone says you should get two rats, as they need to be social with their own kind, but my mother refuses to let me get another one even though I've told her the story.

I might be able to set playdates with someone else who has a rat, but that probably won't be often enough... I really don't want her to be lonely, I'm trying the best I can to be there for her. She seems okay to me so far. =[

Anyways, that is my short introduction to myself and JuJube.
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Here's me and her =] Shes so small right now compared to how big she'll get!


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