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Hello ! =] Im Buse ( Boo - Say ) ( Wierd Turkish Name =P ) But Yep Hiiii Im 13 Years Old Just Ermm I Have A Springer X Collie Dog Called Jasper I Love HIm To Bits I Used To Own Rats I Had A Hooded Malee Bred Him With My Best Friends Albino Female And Got Babies But Now I Havent Got Any Rats As They Died From Old Age A Few Years Ago =[ But I Want To Get Some More But Im Not Allowed Yet As We Are Moving To Turkey Soo Mum Said It Wouldnt be Fair On The Ratties But Yep So Im Looking After My Best Friends Rat Touille ( Too - Ey ) I Love Him To Bits And Im Gonna Spoil Him For The 2 Weeks I Have Him ( Friends On Holiday For 2 Weeks ) But Yep So When I Move To Turkey I Will Obviously Get My Best Friend A Prezzi So I Was Wondering To Get Her A Dumbo Rat To Go With Touille I Obviously Will Have To Work Thiongs Out With Her Mom And Everything So Yep Hiii Everyone ! :D

Im Obbsessed With Captials As You Can Tell =P
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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