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Hello, my name's Haley and I'm addicted to rats;)I currently have a black hooded top eared fancy rat named, Harper (Wow. That's a mouthful.) and a beige capped top eared fancy rat named Luna. They are both around 8 months old. I love them to pieces and my goodness do I have my reasons too!
Harper is a spiteful little pistol I saved from a snake tank. She wasn't socialized as a pup and as a result still doesn't like to be held. She will tolerate petting and if she's in the mood will crawl on you, but picking her up is out of the question. My other girl Luna wasn't socialized at all either. Although, she is my shy and quiet cuddle bug. She is always the first to great me and ALWAYS has to be as close as possible to me. She gives heaps and heaps of kisses and loves to burrow in your neck. These two are RIDICULOUSLY playful. They bounce around chasing each other, my hand, or away from my hand. We spend some of our time training together and that is what bonded us together so closely. They love the attention, treats, and mental stimulation. They both know their names, stand, jump, circle, and to come on call. I'm looking forward to expanding my colony of angels, but for now I am tackling a task much greater.
Ever heard of African Soft Furred Rats? The really cute aggressive feeders they're trying to replace the current feeder rats with? No? Well, haha, let me tell you; they can be mean. They have only been in the feeder industry for a short while now and don't have the temperament of a fancy mouse. Yet. I've begun a selective breeding program in an attempt to breed docile African Soft Furred Rats (Despite their name they ARE NOT rats. They are mice. If you are consider buying these furry little beasts, only keep them with other mice.) They can and will be trained just as my rats are.
Other than my lovely band of misfits, I also currently own an Australian Shepherd (April) and two cats (Male orange tabby named Fitz and female tortie named, Nikita.) They too are trained and are very close to me! I hope you enjoyed my presentation. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
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