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hmmm... hairless?

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I was thinking about getting a hairless rat.... Do they need any special care?
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its not necessarily that they get cut easier (they do have really loose skin too) so much as you notice it more on hairless then you do haired. i have one hairless with 8-9 (depending if bribery is visiting the girls while stewie is out with me at the time) other furred rats. when we have bath time and everyone's fur is wet the hairless doesn't have any more scratches then any of the others (in fact she often has less then violet as violet is our scrapper).

as for other considerations for them, they're no different to maintain then furred. information wise, they have higher metobilisms so they may seem to eat a lot but not get quite as fat as a furred that would eat the same. typically hairless rats make poor mothers, often times they have difficulty lactating and in some cases are just nutsy with their babies... you can make them look like different old men or women if you push on their loose skin the right way. they do feel a little weird when you're used to petting furred babies but mine is very soft and smooth, and oh so warm, so its nice too. i like mine anyway
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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