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So the quarantine is finally over and I decided to take a first step towards introducing my two new little guys to my older four. My first thought was to try and get them use to one another's smell. So I put the two little guys in the travel cage and brought it into the rat room with me. (my boys have their own room) At first everything seemed fine. Tempy (the alpha) and Buddy both seemed curious but not agressive at all. Zeeky seemed ok at first too, but a couple of times I heard him snort at them through the bars and do what looked like an attempt to box them theough the bars. (the travel cage is a hamster cage with tight spacing, so there was no danger) Then Nibbler came over, who is normally the sweetest, shyest, little guy and he got all puffed up and started trying to sidle the cage. I've never seen him do anything like that before, ever. He's on the bottom of the totem poll with the others so he's always really submissive.

I thought older males were typically pretty accepting of babies? Was bring the little ones into their territory the issue? I was actually thinking about wheeling the big cage the little ones are in into the rat room, so they could continue to get use to their smell. Is that a bad idea? Would introducing them in a more neutral location and then bringing them down into the rat room be a better way to go?

The only other time I've done this is when my other guys were all still young. Zeeky and Nibbler were only about 5 weeks and Tempy and Buddy were maybe 3 months old. It was a breeze. They were all really excited to meet eachother.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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