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Home Made Cage [FINISHED!!!] [PIC HEAVY]

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ok, this cage took too long!
Before making your own cage, make sure you have all the tools you need!
I had too buy a new closet full of tools to make this happen. 8)

So, now that I have it all made, I get to do the fun stuff, DECORATE it!
I need ideas though, lol. I was thinking of having the way bottom shelf be for potty break, food, water, a rock or something to climb, and an area I can switch in for a grass dig in garden or a place for a pea fishing or watever I can put in there to take in and out and change, like just for fun things that can get messy.

The middle was going to be there sleepy area, but you cant control where they sleep. Just more along the lines or a box to hide in, two hammocks, a hanging tube maybe, maybe a hanging cube thing??

And the top to be the play area. I have an idea for some ropes they can climb, blocks, hammocks maybe, a large branch, a long tube to run in.. anything else?

Also whats a good thing to use for them to get up to each new shelf? I was thinking a ladder? Or a rock, or maybe a branch? Whats best?

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thats a great grotto cage. it wont matter where you want your ratties to sleep, they'll park their fuzzy little butts wherever they want... just like mine do, lol!!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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