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Homemade Food Mix

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I found it once but cannot find it again.

What is a good recipe for home made food for our little ratties?
We had a bag of premix from the petstore but read that its not the greatest. We have lab blocks made by kay-tee i think is the name.

And since we are looking to get two more little guys I am sure itl be easier to make food.
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crackerkorean said:
And this mix is good to use as an everyday food?
The grain mix is to be fed as a side to either lab blocks or an appropriate dog food. It should be fed in set amounts and the rats should be watched. Some rats can gain weight on the mix.

But with a good staple (the blocks or food) it can be fed daily (don't feed Kay-tee, it's got chemicals in it known to cause cancer in humans.
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