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my ratties and i are housesitting for my brother, who has gone to queensland for a couple of weeks holiday. my brother has never been overly enthusiastic about my ratties but he will pick them up and pet them whenever he visits.

we were trying to work out how to section off a part of his living room so the girls would be able to roam around without destroying any furniture, carpet or cables, but he ended up partitioning off his unused dining area (he lives in a converted 4 car garage so the kitchen/dining/living area is all one room).

we got here a couple of days ago, and not only has he sectioned off a good sized area, but he turned it into a rattie playground!!!! he's put empty beer cartons, tubes, milk crates and ramps everywhere and the girls love it.

in fact, they love it so much that soot, ash & meggsy worked out how to escape their cage and spend all day playing in their playground while mummy was out shopping, leaving ginger & loco looking on enviously from their secure cage!!!

the end result of this is that mummy had to go buy a new cage for the little girls because they had somehow pried 4 bars apart... and now they wont be getting their huge cage for quite a few more weeks now...

ps. i will post pics of the rattie playground when i can work out how to get the pics off my phone, lol!!!!
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