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How big do they get?

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When I hear "city folk" who don't know about Pet Rats talking about the kind of rats that inhabit their city sewers, they make these wild guys out to be REALLY big. "Cat-sized," they say.

Well, Gus is a fairly large young adult (8 mo.) and he weighs 1 pound, 1 ounce. (17 ounces.) Even though he has some growing to do, I don't expect he will ever be much more than 2 pounds.

I know that Pet Rats and their wild cousins are all Rattus Norwegicus (sp?) and come from the same family of rats. How large can this kind of rat get?

Are wild rats generally larger than Pet Rats? Why?
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This is very informative, and very fun.

I, too, live in a mostly-country area, and when I talk about a big animal, I mean BIG! :D
1. Don't use animals as target practice...they don't know they're "invasive;" they're just trying to live life. :)

2. I saw this cartoon, and since the subject's come up, I wish I could post it here, but I can't. I'll "tell" it to you, but it will lose something in translation. Still:

You see a guy in a suit and tie, followed by a cro-magnon man with a club, followed by an "upright" ape, followed by a chimp on all fours.

Guy in suit says, "For the last time, would you quit following me?!? I'm a Creationist!!

Hmmm...I've got dark hair, dark eyes, and a prehensile tail. Guess I'm not too advanced yet.

I have a tattoo of a rat's tail on my lower back. At the base of the tail are the Chinese symbols for "love," "rat," and "year of the rat." So, no, my tail isn't exactly prehensile, nor is it natural, but it is fun and interesting! :lol:
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